Cesky tesin – a reunited town


The end of the millennium and particularly due to the acceleration of the integration process the so-called “divided towns” (settlements, which were forcibly divided due to the external international and political events) got a new chance to restore their original arrangement. Some kind of symbol of these reunification processes is town of Cesky Tesin. Cesky Tesin (czech part of town) and polish Cieszyn are nowadays trying to reassume and restore original multicultural character of town. Despite of great successes in their way to unity (especially in culture and turism), there are also some obstructions and problems which were caused by 70-year period of separation. However except of these “causes of intolerance” it could be said, that majority of population Czech and also Poles welcomes the attempts to restore the lost unity of the town.

Key words: Cesky Tesin, Cieszyn, “divided town”, reunification, Czech and Poles, language minorities, language policy.

Cesky tesin – a reunited town


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